To read and print detailed installation instructions for our FISH GUARDIAN products, click appropriate instructions below.   

SINGLE OR DIVIDED LIVEWELL instructions and video below:

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TWO INDEPENDENT LIVEWELLS instructions and video below:

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*MANUFACTURER RECOMMENDATION:  Prior to purchasing a FISH GUARDIAN KIT, we recommend that you look at your boat's battery compartment and decide if you will need to mount the FISH GUARDIAN tank on the floor or if you have a sidewall available to mount the FISH GUARDIAN tank.  If you decide to mount the FISH GUARDIAN tank to your floor, we recommend that you purchase the ALUMINUM "L" BRACKET in addition to the FISH GUARDIAN KIT


  1. Fill boat livewell with water to operating level.  Put livewell valve to recirculate.
  2. Push the waterproof, momentary power button installed on/near the boat dash for three to five seconds to administer liquid live release fluid into the livewell for approximately a 20 gallon livewell dose.
  3. Repeat this procedure each time the boat livewell is refilled or to maintain a bluish green color of water.  
  4. FISH GUARDIAN should administer approximately 30 - 35 three-second squirts 20 gallon livewell treatments before refilling with liquid live release formula.  For best results, periodically check fluid level in the FISH GUARDIAN tank.  
  5. FISH GUARDIAN should be winterized by draining all fluid and flushing with hot water until all liquid sprays clear into boat livewell to maintain the life of the product.  FISH GUARDIAN comes with a one year Limited Warranty (from date of purchase) on all parts and operation. 


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